Our Company

Innovation and continuous development.

Since our foundation in 1974, focused on the injection of plastic pieces, we have been shaping our organisation to position ourselves at the forefront of the agricultural sector.

Installed in the most important agro-industrial hub of Argentina, our production was directed to the development of pieces and devices in order to supply the seeder manufacturers.

The permanent incorporation of technology, as well as the continuous learning of the treatment and behaviour of the polymers during the injection process, has led us to acquire a well-known technical knowledge. This distinguishes us and is reflected on the effective solutions developed for one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy.

Aware of the need to provide the maximum accuracy to the parts injected, we have included a die-stamping sector which, together with the best technical and human resources, has completed an integrated production circuit. We have also acquired technology for modelling and 3 D impression, tools that have optimized our design process.

This productive concept was strengthened at the beginning of the new century with the ISO 9001 certification. This Quality Programme demonstrated our permanent search for excellence, improvement and innovation.

Our Productive Process

Our industrial plant is divided into three production modules: engineering (design and modelling), mechanisation and injection.

Each one of these sectors is equipped with the necessary technology in order to achieve integral solutions.

We count on specialised software in each area, rapid prototyping machine, machining center with fourth axles, machines to regulate state-of-the-art mechanised tools, and injection machines of up to 650 tn of clamping force equipped with dehumidifiers.

Every process is automatised and exhaustively monitored by our workers who receive permanent and specific training.

The sustained growth has had an effect on the fitting out of our installations proper and on our industrial sheds (2500 m2) which now have the correct layout to improve productivity. To the sectors of our activity, we have added a new 3000 m2 industrial shed which will include an exclusive area for Shipping and Spare Parts Direct Sale.

Our quality is supported by